Lights, colors and 3D effects gave the Cascanueces new magic at the Chacao Cultural Center in Caracas

As every year, The Nutcracker takes the stage again to take children to a world of magic and fantasy, a trip that is already part of the Christmas tradition in many countries.

The Nutcracker is a famous fairy tale-classical ballet, the work of the Russian composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, based on a story inspired by the adaptation written by Alexander Dumas (father) on a story by ET Hoffmann, and his original choreography was made by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. It was premiered in St. Petersburg on December 18, 1892 and since then it has become an essential part of the holiday season.

Following the tradition, on November 24 and 25 this classic work was presented at the Chacao Cultural Center in Caracas, Venezuela, by the Ballet de la Mar with a choreographic adaptation of the teacher Cristina Fungairiño based on a version of the teacher Nina Novak.

In this montage, presented for the first time by Ballet de la Mar with its nucleus Nina Novak, the dancers of the Ballet la Mar Caracas Antonella Cerquone, Alessia Ignotto, Samara Moratinos, Josefina Mondolfi, Emiliana Fernandez, Gabriela Escalona, ​​Kevin Sandoval, Bryan participated Barrios, Jesús Duven, Gustavo Amaya and Marcelo Saltron, with Miguel Issa playing the main character, Drosselmeyer, and as guest artist Daniel Guzmán, from the Ballet de la Mar nucleus on the island of Margarita, playing the role of Fritz. Also participating were Henry Montilla, Astrid Arvelo, Nelson Prieto and Andrés Villarroel, of the Teresa Carreño Ballet.

Giving a new magic to this universal classic ballet, to the charm of the music, and to the art and grace of the dancers, a new element was added: technology. Through projections of 3D animations and videomapping, the sets of curtains, furniture and other accessories were replaced, creating a new environment full of lights and colors. Video cartography, or “videomapping”, is the projection of images or animations on real surfaces, generally inanimate, to achieve three-dimensional effects or movement. This novel visual resource was in charge of Jorge Redondo, with the sponsorship of Oz Productions.

Martha Ildiko, director of the Ballet de la Mar Foundation, informed that the ballet’s programming included a presentation of the Nutcracker Suite, a children’s version of the school, on November 30 at the Don Bosco Theater in Altamira. And in the first week of December the Ballet de la Mar will continue the traditional presentations of the Nutcracker and the Nutcracker Suite, at the Omar Carreño Arts Center in La Asunción on the island of Margarita.

From our Foundation we celebrate these presentations and we recognize the trajectory that the Ballet de la Mar has been running for some time, said Pedro J. Torres.