The National School of Music of Honduras celebrated its 65th anniversary with a concert of classical music

Sixty-five years, six decades and a half, a lifetime, a long and very productive, fulfilled the National School of Music of Honduras, pioneer and alma mater of musical art in the Central American country, in which Bachelor of Music is taught, Music Education, basic cycle and is, moreover, an open school, with free courses for children, young people and adults who wish to learn to play a musical instrument.

Pioneer in the musical education of the country, the National School of Music has been the hotbed that has given life to numerous groups such as the first Polyphonic Choir of Honduras and the first Youth Symphony Orchestra of Honduras, later named the National Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of Sweet Flutes with children between 8 and 11 years old, the Guitar Orchestra with young people from 14 to 18 years old, the Chamber Orchestra with young people between 12 and 18 years old and the Youth Symphony Orchestra in which all the students of the school participate, professors and graduates.

The National School of Music celebrated its 65th anniversary with a concert of classical music, offered by the Youth Symphony Orchestra, in which the maestro Juan Carlos Peña, double bass player and orchestra conductor, graduated from The Curtis Institute of Music as guest conductor in Philadelphia, United States, and who holds a Master’s degree in Double Bass obtained at Rice University, Houston, Texas. In the same event, the Chamber Orchestra of the National Autonomous University of Honduras took part.

Nelia Chavarría, director of the institution since 1980, was in charge of opening the event several weeks ago. “Few encounters have the sense of joy and happiness that is caused by listening to a musical program. This happens particularly in the anniversaries of this school, in which teachers, students and guests participate and contribute with their valuable talent,” he said, and recalling the School’s motto “music is for the soul, what gymnastics is for the body”, began the celebration.

The meeting was attended by outstanding alumni of the School, among them Ethel Beatriz Chavarría, currently residing in Germany, and Luis Daniel Valeriano, currently carrying out valuable work in the UNAH Orchestra and as director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The Central American region has shown off with multiple artistic and cultural proposals, memorable presentations and above all with institutions such as the National School of Music of Honduras, said Pedro J. Torres, on behalf of our NGO.